Delivering value for money

We deliver the best possible value for money. We reduce the number of different providers and sites needed. This in turn minimises study set-up timelines and helps us reach the completion of clinical conduct earlier as well as provide you with unparalleled data quality.

This level of data quality is only obtainable by running studies in controlled Phase I environments. In some cases, our approach may even allow you to reduce the number of subjects needed in a study, as dropouts and data variability are minimised.

Saving time and helping to accelerate the whole development process

Our approach can save time in three key ways. Firstly, we can reduce the time required from conceptualisation of a project through to identification of how specific requirements will be delivered. Secondly, we are able to massively accelerate the set-up phase of a clinical study – the time from finalisation of the protocol to study initiation.

We achieve this by acting as both the Contract Research Organisation and the investigational site. Thirdly, our recruitment ability and dedicated facilities allow us to deliver clinical completion faster than a conventional multi-centre approach using clinics. We can take you from First Time in Human to Proof of Concept faster.

Providing more information and better data quality

Our ability to enrol large numbers of subjects in a single centre,   has two key benefits. Firstly, the use of a dedicated team and controlled environment ensures the highest possible data quality and reduces variability.

Secondly, the ability to enrol large numbers of subjects in such an environment allows us to meaningfully integrate sensitive imaging, diagnostics and laboratory biomarker capabilities that may not be useable in a multi-centre setting.

Facilitating real-time access to data

We are working with established local partners to facilitate both routine and complex laboratory analysis, imaging and other diagnostic approaches. This is coupled with our ability to enrol large numbers of subjects in a single centre. 

This combination helps us to help you avoid the need to always employ expensive central laboratories and facilities. By working with these local partners, we can provide you with real-time access to laboratory results and interim analysis.

Reliable handling of extremely complicated studies

CRO prides itself on employing perhaps the best qualified medical team in the industry. A large number of our extensive team of study physicians are board certified – some in two different disciplines.

This level of clinical expertise, along with the dedicated nature of our staff and facilities, means we are at a real advantage when it comes to implementing logistically complex and medically challenging studies.