Purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities located within Germany’s leading university hospital

At the heart of the Charité Research Organisation set-up is a state-of-the-art Phase I unit. This unit offers in-patient facilities alongside a range of function and out-patient rooms. Additional out-patient facilities are also utilised to support mass screening activities and out-patient-only studies. 

The Phase I unit provides access to 80 in-patient beds, dedicated pulmonary and cardiovascular function laboratories, GMP-like pharmacy facilities and advanced sample preparation and pre-processing facilities.

The unit has direct access to 24-hour emergency and intensive care services, provided by the Charité. This ensures round-the-clock access to dedicated therapeutic area specific expertise. 

The location of the unit also provides easy access to all of the Charité clinics and institutes we partner with, meaning that it is easy to send subjects for diagnostic procedures such as MRI and endoscopy. Proximity to the Charité biomarker laboratories means that whole blood samples can be transferred and analysed immediately, ensuring optimum analysis for sensitive markers.

To conduct early phase oncology studies, Charité Research Organisation operates an additional Phase I unit with up to 12 beds in close collaboration with the Clinic for Hematology and Oncology of the Charité. This Phase I unit is embedded in the in-patient ward of the Oncology Department. In addition, our team has permanent access to dedicated rooms of the Oncology Department for out-patient study activities.


A unique combination of clinical expertise as well as industry experience and a highly qualified medical team.


Carefully chosen and long established partners assisting with support services help us deliver the best possible 'full service'.