Systemic Lupus Erythematosus trial with Charité Research Organisation – head start and rapid enrollment

Mar 15, 2019

4 patients enrolled

Ever since its foundation in 2006, the Charité Research Organisation has been on the forefront of early clinical research, applying scientific excellence and operational effectiveness while outperforming clinical sites and global CROs alike.

The treatment of the chronic autoimmune disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, in short SLE, is challenging. Any organ may be affected, and there is no agreement regarding the etiology of this potentially devastating disease. While most patients present with anti-nuclear antibodies, a vast and highly individualized network of immune system components directed towards autoimmunity is suspected.

The diverse manifestation of this disease at both the physiological as well as the biochemical level produces challenges in objectively measuring disease activity and its reduction during treatment across the patient pool. The Charité Research Organisation with its long track record, experience and collaboration with biomarker and imaging laboratories at the Charité remains the ideal choice for early clinical trials in SLE.

In a recently started multi-center trial to assess in parallel two new potential treatments, the Charité Research Organisation has – once again – surpassed all expectations by enrolling 4 patients and scheduling another 4 patients within the first two weeks of the study. 

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