White Paper | Asthma Update 2023 Part 2: Asthma Drug Pipeline 2023 & Discussion of New Drug Candidates

Dec 20, 2023

The Charité Research Organisation GmbH has longstanding experience in the conduct of early phase projects for new asthma medicines. We want to share our asthma expertise in this special Whitepaper that comes in two parts. 

In Part 1, the Modern Asthma Management will be presented and the progress in asthma diagnostics and therapy discussed based on current applicable Guidelines including the Global Initiative for Asthma 2023.

A special focus is laid on recent research to novel biomarkers for the identification of certain asthma endotypes that can be used in the clinics for modern asthma management. 

In Part 2, the Asthma Drug Pipeline 2023 will be presented. In addition, the efforts made to provide advanced medical devices to improve drug exposure to the lung will be addressed in some detail.

In addition, more sustainable medical devices to reduce the Green House Gas effect are already available on the market.

We will focus on the different device technologies and their propellants, especially in regard to the Carbon Footprint and contribution to the Global Warming Potential


Author and Contact:
Claudia Werner, MD, PhD
Charité Research Organisation GmbH
Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin

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